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LAVA, the Laboratory for Visionary Architecture, was founded in 2007 as an international network practice by directors Chris Bosse, Alexander Rieck and Tobias Wallisser. Today LAVA operates from four offices worldwide with a team of 80 individuals. Known for combining digital workflow, nature’s structural principles, and the latest digital fabrication technologies to build ‘more with less’.

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What if research, science, and architecture merged? The belief in the overarching relevance of these fields and their interdisciplinary, science-driven, and forward-looking implementation in architecture has characterized LAVA’s work since its founding. One question led to another and that to another.

Designed to Connect —What if architecture can enhance a new togetherness of social interaction, lifelong learning, and meaningful debate?

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Future Cities —What if planetary challenges like the climate crisis and the co-evolution of different forms of intelligence required new concepts and methods for the architectural profession?

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Planning with Nature —What if a single building can be an ecosystem providing an environment for many species?

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Digitizing the Process —New perspectives on the built environment provide opportunities derived from process and ask for ethics of digital fabrication.

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Energy Transition —What if architecture could communicate the abstract nature of energy, while also being a symbol for a greener future? What if an industrial park could pave the way for brave new sustainable developments?

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Creativity at Work —What if work could be life-improving: making us feel connected, inspired, smarter, and more productive?

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